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dario miranda
All About Jazz (USA)             about Telegraph

This Italian trio imparts a cunning and personalized manifesto within the fuzzy area that borders free jazz, jazz-rock and avant-garde musings...
Jazzit (ITA)                            about  SwedishMobilia  “Knife Fork and Spoon”

...Costruito con atmosfere free e avant garde non di maniera, con un sound cupo e inquietante che permea tutto il lavoro, ricco di un’ energia primordiale, liberatoria e aggressiva...Dario_Miranda_files/Jazzit.jpg
Free Jazz Alchemist (POL)        about Telegraph

...Gripping music, hypnotic, surreal, some of the most intelligent post-rock, post-jazz playing I've heard recently. Highly recommended
London Jazz (UK)                    about Telegraph

...gentle country-blues-influenced musings, the acoustic feel of which provides an extremely effective contrast to the spacey screaming, multi-textured scrabbling and soaring that characterise the trio's more full-on moments...

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